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Your cabinets are the heart and soul of your home. Whether in the kitchen, bathrooms, closets, laundry room, or anywhere else in the house, the millwork sets the tone around which everything else is centered. But great cabinets are more than just a pretty face. Rosewood cabinets are the culmination of beautiful design, flawless functions, and unparalleled quality. Our goal is to elevate the quality of your home and to awe your guests with beautiful, elegant design, to make everyday life for you and your family convenient with performance and functionality, and to ensure that your cabinets last for years and years to come. How do we do that?


It all starts with material selection.  Construction method means very little if all the parts and pieces are made from low-quality, structurally insufficient materials.  The cabinet starts with the "Box". The box is basically the foundation of a cabinet and like any other foundation, it is crucial to the overall strength and quality of the finished product. Just as you wouldn't build a house on sand, you wouldn't want your cabinets built on a cheap foundation.

There are generally 3 types of materials used for box construction in the cabinet industry:




This is the material of choice when it comes to high-quality millwork and case goods. Plywood is a manufactured material made from layering thin wood veneers in a "cross-grain" pattern. This method of cross-graining reduces the tendency of wood to split when nailed in the edges; it reduces expansion and shrinkage, providing improved dimensional stability; and it makes the strength of the panel consistent across all directions. For more information on how plywood is manufactured click HERE.  There are two basic types of plywood with each type divided into "grades" or quality levels. The first type is called softwood plywood and is primarily used in general construction and is not aesthetically suitable for millwork. The second type is called hardwood plywood. Hardwood plywood gets its name from the top "hardwood" layer or veneer, which is the exposed surface. Hardwood plywood comes in many different sizes and species with the most prevalent being Red and White Oak, Soft and Hard Maple, Walnut, Ash, Cherry, and Birch. Hardwood plywood is further divided into varying grades of quality. Ranging from premium to paint grade with corresponding designators. Unless otherwise specified and excluding our commercial line, Rosewood Industries, Inc uses only high-quality plywood in our cabinet boxes, providing a beautiful cabinet inside and out while ensuring the highest level of quality.


 MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard)

MDF is made from breaking down hardwood or softwood residuals into wood fibers, often in a defibrator, combining it with wax and a resin binder, and forming sheets by applying high temperature and pressure. Click HERE for more information on how MDF is manufactured. On the surface, the manufacturing process is similar to that of particle board but the resulting product is a much denser, higher-quality product albeit a heavier one. MDF is a good quality, fairly structurally sound material that can be found all across the cabinet manufacturing spectrum and is a great economical option for those seeking budget-friendly solutions.  MDF is primarily the material of choice for our commercial line, though available upon request for our residential cabinetry.


(Rosewood Industries, Inc does not use or recommend particle board for cabinet construction)

Particleboard is made from pressing wood waste or "particles", usually sawdust or wood shavings, together using a glue or resin to create sheets. Click HERE for more information on how particle board is manufactured. Particle board is a very low-cost, low-quality material typically used in low-end pre-manufactured cabinets, case goods, and construction projects. Because the "particles" in particle board is closer akin to "chips" the material tends to separate and fall apart with extended use. Another downside of particle board is its inability to hold up in wet environments.  The slightest exposure to water or even high humidity can cause this material to swell and separate, making it a poor choice for cabinetry where water is prevalent, i.e. kitchen and bathrooms. While this is the material of choice for some cabinet manufacturers, and while particle board does have its place in the world, its low-quality and aversion to water make it a poor choice for cabinetry and millwork.



Using industry-leading software, our skilled design technicians create computer models of your new cabinets, generating every part to ensure every piece goes together perfectly and identifying any possible design issues.

Once the design is finished, the design technician sends the information to the shop including part lists, cut lists, door list, etc. A computer code is also generated, which is sent to our large, industrial CNC machines where parts are cut and routed with machine precision.


  • THE BOX - The box is constructed out of high quality 1/2" and 3/4" hardwood plywood. Dados and/or Rabbits are used at the deck, at fixed shelves, and at the cabinet back in conjunction with glue and nail fasteners to ensure the strongest possible connection.  The back is 1/4" hardwood plywood set into rabbits or dados cut into the ends and supported at top and bottom with nailers.


  • FACE FRAME - Rosewood uses only high-quality solid wood for our face frames. The frame is constructed using glue and pocket screws at the back (unseen). Unlike other manufacturers who attach the face frame to the case by shooting nails into the face then filling the holes with putty, Rosewood cuts a dado into the back of the face frame, which accepts the case. The case/frame dado joint is glued and the case is toenailed into the face frame, discreetly hiding the nail holes. This method produces a stronger cabinet without jeopardizing the integrity of the face frame.  This method is tedious and more time-consuming but produces a much higher quality and more attractive product.


  • FINISHED END - These are the exposed ends of the cabinets, the ends that would be seen. At Rosewood we offer many finished end options but our standard is the flush end. Our flush ends are high-quality hardwood plywood ends that are flush with the edge of the face frame and are free from imperfections and nail holes, seamlessly and beautifully integrating with the cabinets, creating a harmonious design flow. We achieve this by applying a high quality 1/4" hardwood plywood "skin" of matching wood species to the unfinished end of the cabinets using an industrial contact adhesive. This ensures the highest quality without jeopardizing design integrity. 



  • RESIDENTIAL - Our drawer boxes are made from 5/8" natural, solid birch with a 1/4" veneered bottom for added strength and feature a classic dovetail construction for the highest quality possible.


  • COMMERCIAL LINE -  Our economical commercial drawer boxes are made from 1/2" birch veneer plywood with a 1/4" birch veneer bottom and features a rabbit joint construction. Top edges of the box are edge banded for a clean, solid wood appearance.



Rosewood Industries offers a nearly limitless array of color options from classic stained wood to hand glazed custom, one-of-a-kind finishes. Choose a stock color from our huge library of options or we can color match a color for you. The possibilities are endless!  Check out our Color Library page to view all of our stock colors!

                                         Disclaimer: Due to lighting and other variables, colors here may not accurately depict the finished product. Please contact your local dealer for a color sample chip.




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