Blum™ has been the gold standard in cabinet hardware for more than 60 years! At Rosewood we realize that to have the absolute best cabinets in the world we have to use the best hardware in the world. That is why blum™ is standard in all our custom residential cabinets.  With blums™ BLUMOTION technology your cabinet doors and drawers will open and close silently and smoothly every single time and you will never have to worry about slamming doors and drawers with the blums™ soft-close function. The Soft-Close mechanism is a built-in feature that is standard on all our cabinets.   

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Blum™ Hinges

Blum™ hinges are built to last right here in the USA from high quality materials. They offer smooth, silent operation that will stand up to the most heavy use and will span the life of your cabinets guaranteed. 

Although Blum™ hinges are beautiful works of art in and of themselves, they are concealed by design, tucking discreetly away when the door is closed.   

The BLUMOTION feature is built right into the cup and can be easily turned on and off to allow a faster close.  


  • Nickel-plated steel construction
  • 6-way adjustable
  • No-slam, soft-close feature built into hinge cup
  • Lifetime manufacturer guarantee

Blum™ Drawer Glides

Blum™ TANDEM plus BLUMOTION runners are the latest advancement in concealed runner technology. They offer four-dimensional adjustment, excellent stability and minimal sag; all while maintaining smooth running action and unmatched soft close.  A perfect complement to their BLUMOTION hinges!